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In Australia's rugged Kimberley you will find some of Australia’s ultimate sports fishing. There are literally thousands of creeks, bays and rivers, some with freshwater springs, waterfalls and pockets of tropical rainforest with their own private ecosystems. What this means to you is that it’s chock full of hard fishing Australian sportsfish. Fish like the famous Barramundi is found in both the freshwater and saltwater parts of the Kimberley’s beautiful rivers and even along the Kimberley coastline. Off the coast you will have the opportunity to target light tackle superstars like Sailfish and huge Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo.

The Kimberley region provides an endless backdrop of breathtaking panorama.  It is a land that has taken millions of years to landscape, it is a vast and hostile land that has a rugged beauty found nowhere else. The Kimberley is not a location where weekend boaties drop in for a fish. Many, if not most of the locations in the Kimberley’s do not even have one angler cast in anger at its waters.

The Kimberley coastline has the largest tides in the southern hemisphere and you will witness massive whirlpools, tidal upwellings and rapids in the open ocean. FishingEarth would like to invite you to enjoy this incredible spectacle and location with one of our professional fishing lodges that have experienced guides.

There are very few places in the world where you can enjoy fabulous scenery, gourmet food, comfortable accommodation and spectacular fishing in one of the oldest and most beautiful places on earth. 

A place for the heart and soul, the Kimberley through FishingEarth offers two fantastic sportsfishing adventure camps. Both offer out of this world fishing. This is a location, where the red rocky landscapes of the outback meets the bright turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. During your day, you will motor past ancient coastlines and gorges on your way to your next fishing location. You will encounter amazing native wildlife and fascinating local cultures.

Our lodgers are the perfect holiday destination for travellers jaded by the usual resorts and seeking a truly unique wilderness experience. And remember it’s not just a location for the hardcore angler, this is a location where couples and families seem to wash away the stress of home life in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Kimberley Coast is one of the Last Frontiers to be explored and opened up to the civilization. This is true adventure fishing. Its isolation and the remote & rugged beauty will blow you away. Every corner has its own surprise and diversity of unique wilderness. This is the fishing holiday of a lifetime, and a tour not to be missed.          

Book your Kimberley coastal fishing adventure with FishingEarth                 

We want you to experience the fishing adventure of your dreams, which is why at FishingEarth we only offer the best charters and lodges, with the most experienced guides, in the most stunning fishing hotspots in Australia.

We’ll help you select the charter that’s right for you, as well as taking all the hassle and stress out of organising your fishing adventure. We’ll make your travel arrangements, book your accommodation and even advise you on the best equipment to take and where to get the best deal.

All you need to do is freecall us on 1800 288 378 or email info@fishingearth.com to find out more